First Day of School 2014

Today was Alex’s first day back to school, he was so excited to go! When he saw the bus he grabbed his backpack and ran out the door.
The note the teacher sent home said that Alex had a Great first day, it was wonderful to hear that it went so good! He is continuing his Early Childhood Education class this year, that is his evening class, he will also start Pre-K on Aug 26th, which will be his morning class, so he will have a full day of school!

Alex ready for school!



Alex’s appointment with his pediatric specialist has been bumped up to Aug 25, which is awesome news! Hopefully we will be able to get him on something to help him control his anger.


Rolling With the Punches

As you know, I have talked bout Alex’s aggression becoming worse lately.
Last night was the first time he hit me right in the jaw with his fist! There was no obvious reason for it, we have no idea what triggered it. He was watching tv with me and the next thing I new wham!
He has hit me in the face before several times but it was an open slap.
Alex is only 4 he will be 5 on Sept 3rd. Last checked which was last month he weighed 30 lbs.
I am 5’2, his head already meets to the Lower part of my chest. What’s gonna happen when he gets even bigger? He is insanely strong for his age, height and weight. What am I gonna do when he is bigger?!
I am afraid of him, and I am afraid of what is to come in the future.
There is no violence in our home, no abuse whatsoever, so we have no idea why he is doing this.
The strange thing is he thinks it’s hysterical to be mean. He has been told it’s not nice to hit. I am not sure he fully understands. He says he’s sorry, but I honestly think he is just saying it because he knows we expect him to.
Most people would think that we are bad parents and that he is a bad kid.
We currently have a pdd-nos diagnosis and he and I both have dup15q13.3.
His next appointment with his Pediatric Specialist is at the end of September, I honestly can’t wait. I know there is more going on with him.
I must honestly say that I am leaning toward medication. There has to be a resolve to this soon. Here is a picture of what he looks like when he is ready to hit someone, fists up, smile on his face ready to pounce.
Thanks for listening, Ccilsnk


Summers End 2014

It has been quite the summer for us. Alex has expanded his vocabulary a lot, he went from a few words to full sentences. We are so proud of him! He is still quite hard to understand a lot of the time but at least now we have a 50 percent chance to figure out what he is saying 🙂
At the beginning of summer his food choices had grown a lot thanks to feeding therapy, but he regressed back to the same old routine of cereal, crackers and pbj’s.
He is finally attempting to dress himself, without much luck, but at least he is trying!
Social situations are still a big problem, he addresses people most of the time with aggressiveness, he puts up his fists and taunts them. When he does try to be nice people don’t understand a word he says which frustrates him and he spirals into a meltdown.
Aggression has been a huge problem for us, he has become very abusive over the summer months. He finds humor in hitting, kicking, biting and throwing himself on people. He finds humor in inflicting pain to himself also.
I don’t know if his aggression and abusiveness is related to his pdd-nos, or Dup15q and if it’s a sensory thing for him but I hope it stops soon.
He still doesn’t sleep well, we have a sleep study scheduled at the end of September. For now the melatonin and and sleep meds he is on helps get him a little sleep which in turn help us get a little sleep too.
School starts in a couple weeks, hopefully it will help him release enough energy to calm down.


Escape Artist

First I must begin by telling you that it has not been a horrible day just PLAIN WIERD!

I turned on my phone like I do every morning, made coffee, made sure all the baby gates were up and got Alex out of bed. When I picked up my phone to see what Facebook,Twitter or Email messages I had I found that it was telling me storage memory full for my Email. Hmmm I deleted everything and it was still there, ok went about the day as usual.

We began the morning watching Shrek, ( I found out last night that Alex enjoyed all the music in it!) that was a nice discovery since he generally will not watch tv unless there are monsters, which yes an Ogre is a moster he did not notice that one bit lol.

When the movie ended we decided to go to the park, a friend of ours gave my husband tickets for a BBQ that our local Shriners had there. So far so good right? Nope!

As I was getting Alexs diaper bag prepared for our little outing My husband was putting the carseat in the car, I saw Alex follow his daddy and watch him install the seat. No big deal, daddy had him all was good. daddy comes in, shuts the screen door, (at this time I realise I better get Alexs pediasure. As I am pouring his pediasure into his cup I see out of the corner of my eye Alex running Full Throddle down the Alley!

My heart jumped out of my chest and I screamed at the top of my lungs,ALEX!!!! I dropped the cup and my purse3 and ran like a mad womanafter him. I found him hiding on the side of our white Chevy Silverado laughing at our demise and the pleasure of his Great Escape was beaming all over his litte face, he was sooo proud of himself!


We finally got him into the car and we were on our way. When we got there we saw that they were having a Car Show So we decided to go look at the cars after we finished eating.

 At my surprise he ate a little coleslaw and a piece of bread, (we celebrate when he eats)!  Everything was going smoothly UNTIL… we took the left over food that he did not eat to the car. He bolted again!!! We chased him through the park like two crazy people, it is not easy to find a 28 pound little boy in a sea of cars to hide behind! We finally caught our little escape artist and daddy remembered that we had a stroller in the trunk of our car, So we put Alex in the stroller and enjoyed the car show.

Shortly after arriving home my sister in law, brother and nephew came for a visit, they helped me put my phone back to original settings. While they were helping me the boys played a little together and a little around each other. Alex will be 3 September 3rd.  My nephew N, is 4 months older than Alex. they took turn bouncing on Alex little trampoline, that was the extent of playing (kinda together). N, was trying to play with Alex but Alex just kept playing near him but not “with him”. 

My sister and niece, (my niece is almost 2) arrived at our home shortly after my brother, sis in law and nephew. We had a little family gathering. 🙂 The cycle continued, Alex would not play “with” them but near them. However I must say that I was delighted that he did not climb up on my lap and stay there the whole time, that is what he usually does, so there is progress! The 3 children did great! I am so proud of all of them! There was no physical violence this time yay! (usually Alex does something to injure one of them). I was so happy he didn’t hurt the other 2 children!

As you may or may not know why I am so excited about these small things Alex was dianosed with PDD-NOS and 15q13.3 duplication, this is why no matter how small the achievement is we celebrate to the max! Yay Alex for getting along with your cousins, Mommy is so proud of you!

When they all left I commenced to attempting to download all of my stuff back on my phone, that took me 2 hors because I could not remeber all of the user names and passwords, duh… Well I am happy to announce that my phone is finally back online after 2 hours worth of redoing everything lol.

Question, I know Alex is not sick but he has been gagging almost vomiting his pediasue all day, I haven’t had a problem with this in a long time any Ideas on what might be causing it?

Well I suppose that is all for now, Rt’s, Shares and Comments are Welcome! 🙂

Nervous Wreck

First I want to apologize to everyone for being so distant the past several weeks. I have been going through the “Rage Phase”, and I the last thing I want to do is bring my new wonderful Special Needs Family down with me, so I felt that it would be better if I stayed quietly hiding in the background. I have been online and reading everyones posts so please don’t think I have been ingnoring anyone on purpose.
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Trip to KokeMill

Our trip to Springfield yesterday was great. We began our morning  at 5 am which is quite early for us, especially since my Husband and I didn’t get much sleep. Generally our sleep deprivation is due to the antisipation of the long trip ahead of us, but this time that was not the case. Since we don’t get to bed until around 1am, 5 am came way to quickly. We got up had a cup of coffee, got Alex up and headed out the door at 6 am. Luckily we did take a shorter route that Alexs Slp gave us so our trip was only 3 1/2 hrs. Thanks to her help and tomtom we made it there with no problems, we actually got there 45 minuites early. Our appointment was at 10 but since we got there early they were able to get us in a little sooner which was great. The appointment was scheduled so all of the ladies would be there for it on the same day to make it easier for us since we have to travel so far which was awesome! They were all so friendly and understanding. We had no idea of all the different help there is out there! They gave Alex a chewy spoon and told us about a 3 sided toothbrush! I’d never heard of such a thing! Lol, definetly gotta get one of those! They were so reassuring that we have help advocating for Alex now and that makes us feel so much better. After the appointment we went to lunch and soaked in all of the new information provided to us. We decided to take Alex to the free museum behind the capitol. He enjoyed looking at everything especially the bears and the mamouth 🙂 . He also seemed really interested in the Indians.  On our way out we smashed a penny for him he got the buffalo one.  One last thought before I go, Now that we know about Ronald McDonald House we will be staying the night next time! The drive there and back is to much on Alex and us. Here are a few pictures from our day.




A Real Good Day

Alex did real good at OT and Speech today. It’s so cute listening to him try to say whole words like bug. He says bu. So while to try to get the G sound we go Ga at the end. The result is really cute it comes out, “Bu Ga”.  For sensory in OT today he played with foamy soap. He wiped it all over me just to get it off of himself, the whole time saying ewww! ewww! Lol to funny. After his appointments we went to the store for a few things. Alex noticed the horse and wanted to ride, so after we were done shopping we let him ride the horse since he was a good boy! 🙂  take a look at him in action!


To cute! Have a good day everyone! 🙂image

I was trying to upload a video but it’s not working. Hope you like the pictures. 🙂